Tools Etc

Blended Course Design Resources

These resources were specifically used or referred to in the book:

Learning Management Systems

There are numerous learning management systems out there. Your institution probably provides and supports one for faculty use. Full disclosure: Jared Stein, the lead author of Essentials for Blended Learning, works for Instructure, makers of Canvas

Canvas by Instructure

Canvas by Instructure offers Free for Teachers accounts, no strings attached.

CourseSites by Bb

Blackboard CourseSites also lets teachers user Bb Learn for free.


Moodle is an open source learning management system that can be downloaded, installed, and used for free. There are several organizations that provide free hosting for teachers, such as

Wikis and Web Sites

Teachers can create their own web sites using free or open web sites or wiki services. Here are some examples:


Some LMSs advertise “blogs”, but these are typically little more than glorified class journals. Real blogs are individually-owned spaces where most publishing is made available for the world. Today’s blogging platforms balance power with simplicity, making it easy for most people to get started creating and sharing. Here are a few favorites:

Forms and Surveys

In addition to formal, institutional course evaluations it’s wise to gather student feedback on your blended course via your own form or survey. We reference BYU’s Mid-Course Evaluation as one example. Here are a of free platforms you can use to design and deliver your survey:

Open Educational Resources

There are many places you can find openly-licensed resources to use in your blended course. Here are a few sites that collect or aggregate open educational resources:

Users of the Canvas learning management system can find OER directly, through Canvas Commons.

Academic and Research Journals

Many academic and research journals interested in education and technology publish articles on blended learning. Here are just a few that seem to do so regularly: